Pot roasted chicken with paprika, shallots and potatoes

Now this is one tasty dish and criminally easy. Pot roasting really does give you the best of both worlds. You get a beautifully moist chicken with nicely browned skin. The most important aspect for me though is you keep all of the flavour from the chicken in the pot and this of course creates amazing gravy. Get this one done this Sunday.


  • 1kg extra special corn fed chicken (£4.08)
  • 450g of shallots (£1.37)
  • 450g of maris piper potatoes (50p)

The cupboard staples…

Salt, black pepper, olive oil, paprika, 1 bulb of garlic (use all the cloves) and 1 chicken stock cube.

Total cost

If you already have the cupboard staples, then according to mysupermarket.co.uk, this trolley was cheapest at ASDA where it came to £5.95 - that's £1.49 per head!


  • Pre-heat the oven to 170C (325F or gas mark 3).
  • Best to get the shallots, garlic and potatoes prepared first. Just peel the shallots keeping them whole. The potatoes should be peeled and then cut into good sized cubes – if they are too small, they will dissolve a little too much in the oven. The garlic can just be roughly chopped.
  • Now season the chicken inside and out with salt and pepper and then rub paprika all over the chicken. Really rub the paprika in and don’t be shy with it – make sure you coat the whole chicken.
  • Grab a large casserole dish (one that can go on the heat to seal the chicken first – a le creuset dish is perfect for the job), add a little olive oil and get on a high heat. Add the chicken to the dish and brown all over. This will take about 10 minutes. Once browned set the chicken to one side and add the shallots to the dish. Get a little colour on the shallots and then add the garlic, frying for a further minute and then finally add 450ml of chicken stock to the dish (using one chicken stock cube - of course, fresh stock is better if you have it) and the potatoes.
  • All you need to do now is put the chicken back in the dish and cover with a lid (or foil) and cook for 1 hour. After 1 hour turn the oven up to 200C (400F or gas mark 6), take off the lid cook for a further 10 minutes.
  • Once the chicken is done, leave to rest in a warm place (loosely covered with foil) for around 15 minutes before carving and serving. This gives the chicken time to relax and let some of those juices flow out into the gravy. It will also be a lot easier to carve.
  • Happy eating!


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